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Baby harem Trousers

The harem trousers are an essential element to dress your little one from birth.


It is easy to put on and very practical for all types of diapers, especially washable diapers which take up a lot of space.


Top comfort for babies!

Indeed, its shape and stretch cotton jersey fabric allow great freedom of movement at all stages of your little one's development.


The sarouel is scalable because it adjusts at the waist and ankles by folding and unfolding on themselves the ribbing bands which is a very stretchy fabric. It can therefore be worn at least 6 months after the size indicated.

It is also very practical for babies worn in a sling or baby carrier because the ankle bands can extend towards the feet.

These bands also provide good support at the waist and ankles. No risk of getting your feet caught in the pants when learning to walk.

To try it is to adopt it!

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